My NCTM 2018 Session

Here are some links to resources mentioned in or related to my Thursday afternoon session.  A PDF of the slides will be available after the session.

Here’s the link to the slides [PDF].

This session is the long version of an Ignite I did at NCTM Boston in 2015. You might use this 5-minute version to introduce colleagues to some of these ideas and start some conversation.

  • Joe Schwartz’s Blog – Joe is a recently-retired elementary math specialist in central New Jersey. He blogged about using Noticing and Wondering at his school, among other things, and I’ve pointed you to a N&W Sampler that he wrote in January 2015.
  • Numberless Word Problems – Brian Bushart has done a great job blogging about and preparing numberless word problems, including the mouse problem we looked at during the talk.
  • Tina Cardone’s blog post about how using noticing and wondering saved her time.
  • The NY Times Learning Network’s What’s Going On in This Graph?
  • Beth Brandenburg is a lead teacher in Washington County, Maryland, and makes a lot of use of Noticing and Wondering in her school (and her district – she used to be a district-level lead teacher). I’ve pointed you to a post she wrote in August 2015.
  • You can find more of my Ignite talks by rooting around on the Math Forum YouTube Channel.
  • Check out tweets posted about Noticing and Wondering, using the #NoticeWonder hashtag (and add your own!).

My #NCSM18 Session with Joe Schwartz

It was a stroke of genius on my part to invite Joe Schwartz (@JSchwartz10a) to bring his perspective as a school-based math coach to my sense-making session at NCSM. He offered some ways in which he encouraged the greater use of sense-making tweaks in math instruction in his school and his district. You can get a copy of the slides and related links at his blog.

If you’re going to Twitter Math Camp 2018, look for a chance to think about this with Joe and me.