Fun Times at the Northwest Math Conference! #NWMath

Thanks to everyone who got up and did math and thinking about sense-making with me so early this morning!  I hope you had some good conversations with your partners in those moments where I asked you to chat. Hopefully some of you even made some new friends.

As promised, below is a PDF of my slides, as well as some links to related resources.

At the end of the session, it sounded like many folks talked to their partner about what they might try next week.  My thanks to those of you who made public declarations.  Thanks for being brave.  I’d love to hear from all of you.  So leave a comment here, or tweet at me (@MFAnnie) and tell me how it went, or what you’re wondering about, or whatever.  Thanks!

My Sessions at #NCTMRegionals Hartford

My thanks to those of you who came to my sessions. I look forward to hearing from some of you going forward, so drop me a comment here or find me on Twitter.

Session 23: The Power of Ideas

Grab a PDF of the slides

Here’s the blog post I mentioned: Emily, Kindergarteners, and Sense-Making

You might be interested in these 5-minute Ignite videos:

The Power of Ideas, NCSM Annual Meeting, 2017

Sense-Making: It Isn’t Just for Literacy Anymore, NCTM Annual Conference, 2015

Session 52: Using Technology to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Algebra and Geometry

Grab a PDF of the slides

Links to the technology I highlighted

Types of Triangles, Desmos

Runners, Web Sketchpad (The NCTM Illuminations version used to be linked from here)

Galactic Exchange vending machine, Java

Algebra Tiles, the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

You might be interested in this Ignite video, which is basically a five minute version of this hour-long session:  Technology. Why Bother?