Talking with Tutors for Kids : Helping Struggling Students Make Sense of Math

I so enjoyed working with you all! Thank you for your willingness to engage in the mathematical tasks, share your thinking with each other, and continue to ponder how you can best help your students.

Here is a PDF of my slides: Fetter Tutors for Kids April 2023

I told two stories near the end of the session that are included in this 5-minute video that I presented at a conference – complete with hand-drawn stick figures!  I thought you might enjoy seeing the more theatrical version:

Three more five minutes videos you might enjoy:

Finally, here are links to the newsletters that feature Debbie Wile’s articles leading up to my visit and reference the three 5-minute videos above and include some of Debbie’s stories.:

February 2023     March 2023     April 2023

My thanks to Debbie for inviting me to come and work with you all.  I look forward to hearing some stories from your work with the students!