Resources for My Session at #NWMC2019

Thanks to everyone who came to my session, to the session I led with Leslie, or who had a conversation with me in the hall (or at the drag show!).  I hope some of you are still pondering the escalator problem!

My slides as a PDF for my Saturday Session.

Here are resources that I either mentioned, or should have mentioned!

      • My 5-minute Ignite talk about sense-making is a great conversation starter, so you might share it with folks to start conversations:  Sense-Making: It Isn’t Just for Literacy Anymore
      • Joe Schwartz is a retired K-5 math coach. Some of the examples I used come from him (he and I have presented versions of this session together). His Noticing and Wondering posts can be found here and here.
      • Posts detailing Joe’s experiences with the Tell Me Everything You Can… prompt can be found here, here, and here.
      • Read about Joe’s efforts to connect reading and math here.
      • A Numberless Word Problems starting point from Brian Bushart is here.
      • Zak Champagne’s Ignite about becoming a better listener (by asking questions you don’t know the answer to, as we talked about in both sessions) is here.

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  1. Hi Annie-

    Heard your talk at Nueva. Do you ever travel internationally to provide PD for schools outside the US?

    I’m the Prep and Primary Principal of a young Progressive international school in Hong Kong and I’m interested in discussing the possibility of having you come to support some shifts in our math pedagogy and thinking.

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