CMC-South 2021: The Power of Students’ Ideas

Thanks to everyone who came to my session.  It was SOOOOO good to be with you all in person!  Zoom PD has its place, and I have been fortunate enough to lead and attend quite a bit of Zoom PD since You Know When. But I really missed roaming around the room and eavesdropping on group conversations.  Popping your head into a Zoom breakout room works, but it’s super hard (impossible?) to listen to more than one group at once.  So thanks for letting me eavesdrop on your conversations during my session.  (Want to think more about eavesdropping in class?  Check out my buddy Max’s Ignite 2 > 4.)

Here’s the PDF of my slides: The Power of Students’ Ideas

You might also be interested in these other resources as extensions of our conversation:

Let me know if you try anything new and how things went!

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